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Welcome to Tam'nyer-a'

This is Tam'nyer-a'

A seafaring world on the brink of a war. Littered with glittering isles, inhabited by creatures as whimsical and deadly as the human condition.

Tam'nyer-a' is an 18+ fantasy world group roleplay that is also suitable for 1x1 stories wherever your heart so desires. All we ask in return is that you do your best to keep up with lore and whatever global affairs are going on at the time.

Tam'nyer-a' is a fantasy world based on the wonderful world that we writers live in. It draws inspiration from nature and a multitude of cultures be it the facial tattoos of the Maori peoples, or the religious sacrificial practices of the Aztecs. Tam'nyer-a' benefits from all our world has to offer and brings some to the forefront. Its 'time', if Tam'nyer-a' had to have one, would be described best as our Renaissance; early to late. Tam'nyer-a' itself can never have electricity as its place within it sown solar system causes too many geomagnetic storms to be a possibility.

Tam'nyer-a' is a vast and diverse world built to host multiple types of roleplay whether you are only interested in love triangles, or commandeering vessels and being a blood thirsty pirate. If you want to be a slave and have a master, Tam'nyer-a' hosts these situations as well and welcomes them. There is no obligation to do major group roleplays and the possibilities are endless.

Currently, Tam'nyer-a' is focusing on 1x1 roleplays or small group stories. Note that global scale plots are currently on hold so that Demi can focus more on building up the world in the meantime, and adding depth to the races, as well as the world's history.

If you are still curious if you and Tam'nyer-a' would be a good fit, why not head over to the Before You Apply forum? It will help you get a solid understanding of the world, and settle you into a mindset best to tackle the new universe.

A vibrant world with a universal language, C'erod, a gift to its denizens by the God of Language: Sureli. You wouldn't know it, but the land of this superstitious world is actually the corpse of one of the Gods, and something all the races, except for perhaps the ocean dwelling, are grateful for.

Tam'nyer-a' is a seemingly peaceful land, that for all its lack of technology, as electricity cannot exist on this beautiful planet, is still connected whether it be for knowledge, fashion or goods an exotic foreign kingdom can bring. Tam'nyer-a' has many wonders despite being technologically challenged with landscapes covered in flowering black-green grass, copious vibrant trees, and fauna that glow with bio-luminescence and all the colours of the rainbow.

There are bustling cities, and merchant vessels sharing the seas with pirate vessels. There are brothels, masters of glassblowing, and blacksmiths who act as alarm clocks for the other residents. In the background however, and through closed doors are fights for power. To top it all off, the Nkhya'jyra, living reclusive in the North West, are just waiting to make the world burn in order to fulfill their destiny; re-birthing the Gods, no matter the cost.

In Memorium Ron Quesnel

Tam'nyer-a' is blood, sweat, tears, time and energy. Ultimately, Tam'nyer-a' is a dedication to Demi's father, and a coping mechanism for the deep loss. It is Demi's love for nature, colour and life menifested in honour of Ron Quesnel, the very man who instilled these things in him.

Tam'nyer-a' began being developed on July 6th, 2017 while Ron was in the hospital. Ron passed away on the morning of July 21st of the same year. However, he was aware of Tam'nyer-a' and whist being told about the Aoni was the last time Ron told Demi that he was proud of him and how creative he was.

Understandable, Tam'nyer-a' holds immense sentimental meaning.

That being said, if you find yourself inspired by the world of Tam'nyer-a', thank you. It is a way to carry on Ron Quesnel's legacy as he inspired so many.

Tam'nyer-a' is an officially copyrighted work through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Copying/Stealing any part of or its entirety is subject to legal action.

Nicholas Sebastien Faucher-Quesnel (Tam'nyer-a'), 2019-2020