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Author Topic: Bad Habits (Character Questions)  (Read 228 times)


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Bad Habits (Character Questions)
« on: May 21, 2020, 07:04:03 PM »
This is the first of a list of questions aiming to get more in-depth knowledge about characters. I will post with several of my characters, and feel free to join in the fun if you'd like, I personally find it as a useful exercise to start my imagination engine again and get back to those stories. In addition, it'll help you like (or dislike) my characters better!  :D

I will post both here and in the old Forums on RPR as well, but if you decide to join in, feel free to post in one or the other, as is more convenient. However, please don't forget this is rather OOC knowledge about the characters, and no something that would be generally known!

Let's get started! :D

Blaz'Mar didn't think he had any bad habits; if he did, he would be trying, really hard, to get rid of them. His brother, certainly, may have held a different opinion, but he wasn't here to tell him otherwise. High on the upper deck, the young Khah' filled his lungs with the air of the Sweet Way and looked at the men beneath him with a measure of pride; one more reason not to let himself fall prey to such doubts. One needed to lead by example, and if being promoted a Lieutenant First Class so young didn't push him to do the right thing to deserve such appointment, Blaz'Mar didn't know what would.

A flicker of doubt showed in a corner of his mind for a tiny moment. As a child, he had been stubborn and impulsive; the Navy training had done a great deal to curb such behaviors, and Blaz'Mar had learned patience, and the value of quiet observation of his betters. But wasn't it true that, sometimes, he still rushed before he was ready? Where did boldness stop, and rashness start to take over? Also, only the last Hour, he had found himself staring - rather longingly - at the skies, sign that his mind could easily revert to its natural restlessness if it wasn't focused properly. Bad habits or not, Blaz'Mar still had a lot of work to do. Eyes slightly narrowed in deep thought, he searched for the sight of Captain Zjinn Kafs Saexd ...


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Re: Bad Habits (Character Questions)
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2020, 11:33:19 AM »

Rhys Aktanas Mzloebe is a bag of bad habits.
He is promiscuous, and while eloquent in public, behind closed doors or with close friends, his mouth drips raunchy comments left and right.
Hell, he's even gotten slapped by his new wife for it more than once, and once even before they were married. Albeit, he was quick to apologize.

He's a good guy, but because his bad habits are also part of the clothes he wears publicly.
It is very difficult to know that Rhys is not all bad, so he really turns this idea of 'having bad habits' on its head because he only truly wants to be known as fooling around and not being as quick witted as he actually is.