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Author Topic: The Euf'yr House - Puertagoe; 4th ring - Run and owned by Les'kay  (Read 216 times)


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The shoppe is not large or extravagant but that is perfect for the dear Khah' owner, Les'kay, as he isn't one for such things. The area is longer then it is wide with a door at the back, that leads to the room with all his pieces and creations for the sweet little creatures, he has formed his world around. But that no one but he sees. The brick and mortar business has been in the 4th ring a fraction of the time he's been doing it as he started doing everything out of his house. Word of mouth has always been his friend.

Bookshelves line the walls filled with papers as well as small displays of jewellery and artwork he's collected throughout his time. His sweet little fluffs normally perched atop of them. There are a few staged tables staggered though out the open area not to make it feel too cramped and crowded or too empty and sparse. He wanted it to feel homey and comfortable. Closer to the back are four simple display cases arranged in a 'C', so he can easily emerge from either side, that hold more of his works.

The final little area of his shoppe is his. A small desk that's usually covered with papers and sketches, a small round plushy bed beside it for his Euf'yr's to sleep in.

He doesn't judge, anyone can walk into his shoppe and receive the best customer service anywhere. But he doesn't let just anyone take one of his babies home. If he thinks you won't take care of them properly you will not be walking out with an Euf'yr. This is not always a reflection on the person, but the creatures need so much love and attention that some people just don't understand or have the time to give.

With all that being said you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who loves and is as knowledgeable about these little creatures as Les'kay. Whether it is the owner himself or the Eyf's first, you will always be greeted cheerfully when you walk in. Be ready for the flying fluffy ambush.

~*~Frequently Asked Questions~*~

Do you just breed and sell Euf'yr?

He encourages his customers to come back if they have questions or concerns as he is very well versed in the beautiful flying fluff balls. He has to be. The Khah' also offers to groom and help train not only the Euf'yr's bought from him but others as well, but he insists on the little ones companion to be present and participate during the training. Les'kay makes twisted wire and stone 'collars' for the Efy's. Of course they are very small to be okay for the little creatures.

Do you declaw them?

He's been asked before and his answer is always the same, he has never and will never declaw an Efy. Les'kay believes that there are alternatives to something he views as barbaric. In his training he teaches how to handle them properly and how to trim their nails, he can also suggest substances to keep around that they can scratch to keep their nails on the blunt side. Not only can it be very traumatic for the creature but he has seen it destroy the bond between the creature and their companion.

How old are they when sold?

They are between 2 and 3 Tam'nyer-a''n days old, which means they would be 20-30 Earth days, when given a new home.

~*~His Personal Euf'yrs~*~

Nova - He is absolutely snow white. 3 Earth years.

Tallie - She is a soft golden brown with light hints of red. 1 Earth year.
Ness - She is a deep and dark brown.  1 Earth year.
Terra - She is pure black, so black in fact that in the sunlight he gets a hint of blue.  1 Earth year.

~*~Euf'yr's For Sale~*~

Talli and Nova baby(ies)

1) He has a reddish brown coat.
2) She is pure white like Nova.

Ness and Nova baby(ies)

1) He is half dark brown and half white, vertically down his back and the middle of his face.

Terra and Nova baby(ies)

1) She is almost pure black with white paws.
2) She is white with a patch of black on her back.

**No matter the colours of their bodies the tips of their ears are black.

~*~Euf'yr Accessories in Stock~*~

A selection of pendants are always available.
He always has a selection of a few flat metal collars as well as a few leather collars.
The full stone ones are only available by commission as they are the most expensive and have the most potential for customization.
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