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Author Topic: What is a business profile?  (Read 214 times)


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What is a business profile?
« on: August 01, 2020, 02:49:34 AM »

A business profile is where you can draw up, in our Business Profiles board, all of the information there is to know about your character's business. For example: How it started, what they sell or market, the rules of that business, and how it all works and functions for other writers to get a better understanding of what happens when they enter your character's establishment.

There are no strict requirements for how to create a business post in the Business Profile Board, but we do have some things we'd prefer seeing so we have a good understanding of how your character's business works. We want to enjoy your character's business just as much as you do. :)

What should be on the page if you're going to have your character host for a Restaurant or is a Merchant of some kind?

We generally want to see what it is you're selling, how you come up with the process of making your goods or obtaining your goods. Please remember that these are not strictly required, but instead suggestions towards your business to help you flesh things out and to also help your readers have a better understanding of your business and how one should participate in the story within your establishment.

If you're selling food/drink/crafts.
  • We would love to see some of the ingredients.
  • What it might look like if possible, and maybe what it smells like too. No one is required to have images of their items, but it would be super helpful to have a description of your goods.
  • If it's a food/potion/salve/medicine what does it smell or taste like?
  • If it's a piece of jewellery what is it made from? What stones does it have? What metals or materials are used to make it?
  • Is it armour? What's the armour made from?

A good example of a place to get food, namely sweets, is Dveri Dreams with some of its pastries. Here, let me show you:

If you're selling a service.
  • We would love to see what your services are all about. Maybe what customers are allowed to ask and not ask of your services? What rules should people follow for how to acquire these services from you? Are there things that people have to do to get those services?
  • There's a lot going on when someone provides a service for someone, most noteably brothel houses. We'd like to know what etiquette your guests should follow, how do your workers get paid?
  • Is there a base rate, or are workers allowed to create their own amount? How much does the house get paid for housing the whores?
  • Are there things people aren't allowed to do with brothel workers? Are there things that are expected? Are there other services that go along with the brothel workers?
  • Should this be something people can know openly, or is this a private place that only the knowing can really know about it? These things would be supremely important in Puertagoe.

Guilds and organizations are a huge part of the group as they generally have the ability to encompass a nearly endless amount of characters within them depending on what your guild or organization is all about.

For example, through Skylar, we have the amazing Sty-kopos Flames. This is a great example of how we prefer Guilds to be written up. Or at the very least, these are important details we'll definitely be looking for but aren't going to strictly require all of them. :)

What are we hoping to see?
  • What is the general purpose of the guild?
  • How does someone acquire these guild services? Are there services that just anyone can obtain?
  • Is this a super secret organization? Or is this something everyone knows about?
  • What are the rules for this guild or organization?
  • How does someone join this guild or organization?
  • If your guild is a super secret one, how do people get in contact with a member?
  • Is there a headquarters? Or is this more of a freelance situation?

Sty-kopos' Flames gives a great explanation of what their primary function is, and even spells it out cryptically while also being informative of the truth of the guild. This helps remove speculation, but still doesn't give out every single secret that could be lurking within the guild. This helps others establish a story if they want to create a character specifically to join the group to be a part of this guild and interact with characters involved with the guild itself.

Thank you, Skylar, for giving us this amazing guild!

Can I post my character's business or guild as a reply to my own character?

Yes, but we strongly prefer these be kept with the business profiles board to make them easier to find for all members in the group. For the time being this is permissible, but this rule may change and topics may be split and moved to the business profile board.

What if we want to draw up a business but don't want to join the group?

Another great question. We strongly prefer that anyone who wants to have a business involved in the group that they are the one who is running that business and they are the ones who are at least running it for the most part. It doesn't feel right taking someone's organizations, businesses, or establishments and running them for someone who has the brains of the business. So, at this time, we do not accept businesses, shops, restaurants, or inns that do not have someone behind them in some respect.

When it comes to a guild or organization it can be a little bit more tricky. Typically we don't like people to write up a guild without establishing leaderships and give us a completely in-depth understanding of how that establishment works and how it functions. This is more of a grey area, so we'd like to see what you have to suggest before proceeding further.