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Author Topic: Jobs and Businesses  (Read 233 times)


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Jobs and Businesses
« on: August 01, 2020, 03:11:48 AM »

In Tam'nyer-a' we have a page dedicated specifically to Jobs & Apprenticeships where you can find some ideas to give to your character that are very lore specific and even some that are more generic. However, we want to use the workshop to expand on the information we have given on this page.

It's important to note that within the world of Tam'nyer-a' there are so many jobs out there that it's really difficult to list all of the possiblities. We usually try and encourage our writers to really think about things that their character could feel comfortable doing, or having a job that could give their character more interactions with other characters. We want Tam Fam to really feel like a proper community OOC and IC.

The reason that we don't fully list available types of jobs in the world is due to the fact that almost anything you could do in Renaissance settings on Earth you could likely do on Tam'nyer-a'. We had to do so many things for ourselves back then because we didn't have the convenience of technology as we do today. There aren't mass productions for grocers, convenient stores, gas stations in the middle of no where, cars, coffee machines, freezers, the internet, or even the simplicity of clothing stores. In Tam'nyer-a' you are relying on merchants that can disappear, be killed, or wander off to a new city without warning. That means that all those things you needed are suddenly gone. This is a time where family names were even more important than they are today, because that family could be the lead in one industry of goods or another.

When putting together a job for your character it's important to pay attention to the area and get a basic grasp of what the area surrounding your character's job is going to be like for both the story's sake and your intended income.

It's best to look into our locations on the World View page.

You can also find out a lot about some major parts of the worlds industries and economy works on our official Economy & Industry page. This can provide you with an understanding of cost, trade routes, and each major cities imports and exports. This is an extremely recommended read when creating a business.


Here is a small list of jobs chosen by writers within the group. :)

Apothecary, architect, baker, blacksmith, bookbinder, botanist, breeder, brewery, brothel, candle making, farmer, gambling hall, glass worker, healer, herding, hunter/fisher, inn keeper, jeweler, leather worker, librarian, mercenary, midwife, military, navy, perfumer, pirate, plaster worker, pub owner/worker, shiphand, singer/dancer, slave, slaver, storyteller, tailor, tattoo artist, trade merchant, wood carver.