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  • Mature Content Warning: Tam'nyer-a' is 16+
    • This vast universe includes adult-orientated themes. This includes, but is not limited to; warfare, mutilation, sex, disease, and all manner of mature experiences. All characters within this group must be of mature age based on their race age of maturity.
  • All art posted within this group is posted with consent or owned.
    • All images within this group and on our private website are posted with the consent from the artist with proper attribution if requested. Some images are licensed to Nile(Hadeslicious) and Nicholas(Demilicious) and are not permitted for others to use. Some images are used under the use of Creative Commons and are attributed if required. Images under the public domain do not require attribution.
  • Please abide by our forum title etiquette.
    • Closed = Private
    • Open = Anyone may join
  • There are no reply rates required  within this group.
    • All we ask is that you understand that if you join in on a group thread that your turn can be skipped if you take longer than two weeks to respond.
  • There is no writing length requirement.
    • Quality of Quantity. Every post within the forums that is IC must have substance. This is to ensure that everyone's posts have something to take away and something to elicit a response. Whether it is an action, basic dialogue, or it simply pushes the scene forward is all acceptable. This rule used to be a length minimum, but even quick posts that are only 100 words can do wonders, and sometimes, that is all that is needed.
  • Any and all writers are permitted to leave the group for any reason at any time. However, upon leaving the group you must remove all aspects and references of Tam'nyer-a''an lore from the character profile.
    • This pertains to, but is not limited to, any and all references to cultures, locations, gods and goddesses, language, Tam'nýer—a''n historical events, images from within the group such as god sigils, slave tattoos, cultural tattoos, mention of characters of power in specific locations, flora/fauna/fungi/mineral/metals names, etc. etc.
      While your character from their core belongs directly to you, all elements of lore belong strictly to Demilicious under Canadian Copyright law.
  • This universe is about story. It is dynamic and has the will to change.
    • Everything is subject to alteration as wars, raids, etc are written. Even with individual 1x1 roleplays they can be affected by World Events conducted by the DM.


  • No Godmodding, autoing, or metagaming.
    • You do not have control of the outcome of all of your actions other characters, or world events. This also means that your character cannot dodge all attacks or land every strike.
    • Metagaming: When a character becomes innately aware of another character's past, present, or their future. Characters have a limited level of knowledge to the world around them. What you as the writer know doesn't always go hand-in-hand with what your character will know without in-character reason, or otherwise discussed with another character's writer.
    • Many things in the world are subjective. Beauty, prowess, and talent are all subjective. No other player is required to acknowledge what you claim of your character. Your character is not universally known as "the best" or "the weirdest" or "the strongest" at any given time. We discourage making such claims, but if you should, please understand that no one else is required to agree with such claims.
    • Characters are not invincible. Anyone can die, as this is not a universe for the faint of heart. You, as the writer, must be okay with your character suffering injury or death. (Of course, this must be discussed outside of roleplay to make certain all parties are comfortable and consent to the storyline, but remember that all actions have consequences.)
    • Consequences: The consequences of your character's actions are not something that can simply be ignored. Committing crimes, provoking other characters, or causing trouble with or without intent will always have consequences.
  • We are drama free.
    • Bullying, harassment, and hate speech are not tolerated. If you do not like someone's character(s), play style, or simply do not have good history with the writer it is highly implored that you do not attempt to write with them, interact with them directly or even indirectly. However, please understand that we do not remove other members based on your personal history with them.

      If you are having an ongoing issue with a group member, we implore you to report it to the RPR staff if it is a private issue and is not something directly happening on our forums or in our discord server.
  • Please keep sexual content within appropriate boards.
  • Please try to stay up to date with lore.
    • We do not, and have never, expected our members to read every single ounce of lore kept within the world of Tam'nýer—a'. However, we do ask that as things are posted in our announcements(which are posted both inside the discord server and on a 'collective' group announcement that the updates be read as they may be relevant to ongoing stories).
  • Please try to keep your writiner partners and our members informed.
    • Hiatuses: If you are in need of taking a prolonged hiatus we ask that you please attempt to inform your writing partners.
    • Plot Changes: If you intend to change the direction of your stories with other writers, please at least try and update them as best you can. Sometimes the plot changes without intention as our characters can sometimes react in ways we don't entirely expect of them as the situation fits a character's personality or understood desires different from what we intend.
    • Get permission to use another  writer's created works. If a writer has created an establishment that is attached to their character we ask that you gain permission to write scenes within those locations. These locations are often a character's livelihood and in places like Puertagoe it is also that character's reputation.
  • Tam'nyer-a' roleplays require consent from all party members.
    • If you enter a roleplay with another member of the group it is assumed that you have either read their character profile, LFRP, or have spoken to the writer. Once you have begun writing the story it is expected that consent is given for a story to be written. If the story goes in a direction that was not discussed or specified in LFRP then consent is null and void.
    • All writers have the right to leave a story if they so choose for any reason. It is recommended and requested that you inform your partners that you will be dropping a story, but the staff of Tam'nýer—a' will not enact any punishment or warnings for someone dropping a story without informing their writing partner.
  • Keep good perspective and use common sense.
    • IRL ≠ Roleplay
    • Writers are not their characters. A character's actions do not indicate what a writer condones or supports. What one character feels towards another character is not an indication of what one writer feels towards another writer, please do your best to remember this when getting to know your new writing partners.
  • f a character dies or is deleted from the group all actions prior to the character being removed from the group are still considered canon to other character's interactions with them.
    • If you delete your character or remove them from the group for any reason it is the groups right to use past interactions with your character as information in any other story.

      Rest assured your character will never be written, even as an NPC, we simply reserve the right to mention them in roleplay in cases such as reflecting on the past, or within another player's character history. You can either choose to discuss how your character leaves or departs from these other character's lives or accept that they have permission to interpret the departure in any way they see necessary for the sake of their character's story development.


  • No Retconning
    • You chose your character, you created them from your own ideas, and you brought them to life. It is at your responsibility that your character be kept within their own continuity, but we do not allow retconning of character history without first discussing this with a staff member.
  • Hosting open 1x1 or Open Group RPs
    • Yes, you can actually host your own group threads. However, if you choose to host an event or group roleplay in any of our public forums you must allow all members available to participate if they wish to partake. You may limit the number of writers or characters, but you are not permitted to limit to specific writers. We believe in openness and fairness in our community.


  • Group events are generally a 'join as you please' setting.
    • Most group events hosted in Tam'nýer-a' are simply join as you please. We never host events that are mandatory for any group member to participate in. If there are special events involving groups within the 12 Greater Families, or high ranking members of a culture the writers for those players may be asked to join in and participate, but it is not mandatory.
  • Group threads and group event threads are the only places we try to encourage a reply rate.
    • Reply rates are not strict, but if a writer goes without replying in order in the group thread after 2 weeks time, it is okay for the other players to go ahead and skip that writer's turn.
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