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Dice System
« on: August 01, 2020, 02:00:48 AM »

In order to be ranked, you must be ranked by the Staff. The Staff will officially give your character their rank, and if your character trains to go up a rank, this must be condoned by a Staff member as well.
  • The RANK 10 slot is not applicable to any active character at this time. This is only applicable for NPC characters. A RANK 10 character is someone who has nothing else they can learn or grow from.

    In order to be successfully ranked, you are required to list all of your characters combative skills on his or her profile or explain your characters skills in a message to the staff. Nothing can be hidden from the staff and any alterations to character skills must be approved by the staff if your character is already a current member of the group.

    Characters who are formally trained are given a 1 rank bonus to their character's rank based on that training. This is applicable until Rank 9.

    Characters submitted to the group will receive a Rank from our Dice System page. This is for combat only. Your character must list all of his or her combative skills and training. If you do not wish to list this information on your character's profile, you must submit the information to the staff below. Any character who does not follow these rules will be classified as Rank 1 upon being accepted to the group.

    Vague statements such as "some", "a little while", "several" will not be considered for any lengthy periods of time when considering experience for your characters rank. Using these vague statements will nullify that time to 0 to 1 month. So, we implore you to be specific. Keep in mind your character's race, age of maturity, and overall life history when determining these lengths of time.

Rank 1: 1-9 is a success [Starting/ has not applied for a rank]
This can apply to young children, sick or weak individuals, or those who have never practiced combat before.

Rank 2: 1-19 is a success
This can apply to children, sick or weak individuals who have been or would in other circumstances be at a higher rank, or novice practitioners of combat.
Must have at least 2 Tam'nýer—a''n Weeks (6 Earth months) of experience.
E.g., a character that just graduated from basic city guard training.

Rank 3: 1-29 is a success

Rank 4: 1-39 is a success

Rank 5: 1-49 is a success [Mid-range]
This can apply to individuals who have spent a reasonable portion of their life in use of combat. This will make combat a regular staple in their everyday lives/ careers.
Must have at least 3 Tam'nýer—a''n Months (10 Earth years) experience.

Rank 6: 1-59 is a success

Rank 7: 1-69 is a success

Rank 8: 1-79 is a success

Rank 9: 1-89 is a success

Rank 10: 1-99 is a success [Master]
This is a person who has gone above and beyond to master their craft. Their entire life has been dedicated to combative situations. They may be a General, a Marshall, or a Teacher (professionally, full-time) of their specialization be it of swordsmanship, or archery, etc.
Must have at least 1 Tam'nýer—a''n Year & 4 Tam'nýer—a''n Months (45 Earth years, roughly) experience to qualify.

100 is always an epic failure!


The following dice system is to be used solely in the case that your character is proficient enough in Scorch Marks to deflect one and to help determine whether or not your character has successfully not been marked by one.

Using 1 d100 roll to see if you have been marked, deflected onto something else, or successfully deflected & nullified.

If your roll is 1-34 you have been marked

If your rolls is 35-66 you have deflected the Scorch Mark onto something.
The object is of your choosing.

If your roll is 67-100 you have deflected & nullified the Scorch Mark.
Keep in mind, because of its nullification, you will not know who the maker and sender of the Scorch Mark is.


Primarily drawn up by Kruhee

Our combat system is designed to be more like a more varied coinflip system based on a character's skill levels. Some characters are more adept with combative abilities than others, and that is why a standard coinflip or simple d20 roll isn't exactly viable in our combat stories.

Our aim with the combat system is a system based on realism to assist skilled characters have a more accurate upperhand to unskilled characters.

This is a mandatory dice system, but please understand that the dice system is to help create a fair combat system for everyone. If you wish to use other dice in tandem with our dice system you are free to do so, but we do require our dice system to be posted within the forums.

If, however, you wish to plot a storyline where you desire no witnesses to a crime for instance, please consult Demi.


Golden Rule: Attacker must roll to attack and determine failure or success. There are no rolls for defense.
  • If a defender is always dodging and not taking any damage, despite rolls to the contrary, please bring it to moderation attention if you cannot sort this out with your writing partner.
  • If an attacker rolls any number between 1 and their top success ## at any rank this does not denote the amount of success or create any critical successes. A success is simply that; a success.

Silver Rule: Defender gets tot decide the outcome of how the attack has succeeded, while the attacker gets to describe the events of their own failure.

Copper Rule: Be respectful to your fellow writer. Both attacker and defender must agree on death, the extent of damage or lack thereof. Discuss scenes with your writing partners to ensure both of you are satisfied with outcomes.


Rolling is always done with a d100.

We recommend using
At this time we do not have an automated dice rolling system.