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Before You Apply
« on: April 13, 2020, 01:55:19 AM »

Hello weary traveler! Have you scoured the realms of the internet to find a place with which you could take off your boots, wipe your brow, and stretch your fingers? All within a world built out of inspiration and delighted imagination, sparked to life by the real world around you? Then Tam'nyer-a' is most certainly a place looking for people just like you!

We are looking for active writers, enthusiastic imaginations, and creative thinkers. We strive for story, drama, fluff, angst, the wrenching of our hearts, the bursting of our guts from laughter, and fun for everyone who joins this fantastic roleplaying community.

Of course, with any world that differs from our own, and in such extremes, we greet you with this helpful page to help you best get in gear and mind before you apply. We suggest first and foremost that you leave preconceptions and assumptions at the door. Trust us, it will save you a lot of time, trouble and disappointment. Tam'nyer-a' was and is being built over time, and built to last, therefore the characters in it are also meant to last and grow over time as well.

With making a character in mind, and a whole new world right here at your fingertips, waiting for you to jump right in, we're going to ask that you don'tdive without checking first. What we mean by this is that when things are nice, new and shiny, we as people tend to get rather excited. While that is awesome (because we want you to be excited!!) it also means that you may leave some key things by the wayside and rush to get to the juicy goodness. We want to help you avoid missing some key points, because you will need them!

all you need to know

A reoccurring theme we see is that many applicants tend to get a gist from reading a bit of a page, and then because their creativity starts working they get carried away by their imagination without finishing to read the page. This then becomes a rather unfortunate and disappointing experience because while you may have come up with an awesome character concept, it might not work at all with the culture, or in the place that you planned to put that character. We don't want to tell you no, and make you feel as though you cannot be creative. It's not fun for you, and it's not fun for us, and this is supposed to be for fun. However, if it doesn't fit the lore, it cannot work, and your character will not make sense, and no one likes having to rewrite a character!

So, when drawing up a new character for Tam'nyer-a' remember that it's okay to ask questions. Be as descriptive as you like, and elaborate. We are here to help. On the subject of character creation, as well, we encourage you to slow down and enjoy the process for what it is too. The more you know, the more you can use the lore to your advantage. See something that you wanna manipulate for your character to use such as a mineral to pound into makeup? Kickass! Just add it to your profile for application review so that we know.  This goes for newcomers and old writers of the world alike! When applying with a new character, the staff will be going over your character's profile to help make certain that everything fits, and that your character will make as much sense as possible. If you idea does not make sense, we'll let you know too and help come up with options.

Tying into this is also believability. Your character must have a backstory that should have the element of realism to it. It might sound strange as Tam'nyer-a' is a fantasy world. However, if your character is not credible how will any other writers be able to approach you for role-play? We want to help you have as good a time as possible when treading our beloved waters, and that can't happen without your character being able to fit into the beautiful tapestry that Tam'nyer-a' is. That being said, while you can state on your profile that your character is the best at something, know that in role-play that other characters don't need to acknowledge or treat your characters as such. Just as it is in life, everything is subjective. What might be your favourite pizza place may not be someone else's.

This is a list of required information on your character profile.
  • Name. (This will be checked to see if it matches with how your character's race names are formulated.)
  • Race.
  • Age.
  • Your character's religious views or lack thereof and why or why not.
  • Homeland or current living. If your character does not know where they were born and are currently located somewhere else, tell us why.
  • Physical Attributes; give us a detailed description of your character. Yes, we actually want to know the general basics of your characters physical appearance and their unique traits. We want the knit and the grit.
  • Knowable traits that any character could pick up on with first meeting. You don't need to fill out all the details to spoil surprises, but please be aware that anything you keep hidden about your character prior to any role-play reveal can be subject to major editing by the staff team if it breaks lore. If you are wanting something epic and enticing, but aren't sure if it fully fits, please don't hesitate to send us questions. We will not spoil the story for your writing partners.
  • A backstory or history of your character's life or even their long left behind life. How did they get to where they are? Are they only starting their journey? What inspired their journey?
  • Personality details. What makes your character tick? Who are they? Why are they who they are? What is something that is unique in their behaviour? Give us the details and sell your character's personality so that others want to get to know them as much as you do.
Quote from: Are there any limitations to what race I can make my character?
The limitations on race and/or mixed races tend to change with time as we try and make the races as even as possible. Currently we are not allowing any new Ṅkhya'jra & Z'sa'Za-'Baa crossbreed characters. However, we do keep a waiting list, so if you'd like your name put on it, please contact Demi.
Quote from:  I want to be a main character in the world. Can I do that?
This answer is tricky. It is a mix of both yes and no, so here's an explanation, keeping in mind that there is a fine line between making a character that is involved heavily in story and characters that are 'so awesome' that they are isolated.

A lot of people want to make their characters a 'main character', the famed protagonist. The issue with this is that in a group, not everyone can be a main character. If the group is nothing but 'main character' types, then no one can role-play together because everyone wants their character 'chased' in a way. That means that everyone is putting up LFRP's to be the star of their idea (or multiple ideas) for a story. But if everyone else wants that too, no one ends up writing anything. This is honestly an issue that we are trying to ameliorate at the time. So, if you are wanting to apply, please keep this in mind.

Quote from: I really want my character to be the best at their craft. How can I make that possible?
In short; you cannot do that. This is again to focus on realism. Your character can claim to be the best at something, but no other character has to believe it, act as it is fact, or even consider it to be true. This is something your character themselves can claim, but there won't be any establishing this as being a factual canon piece of the lore. What may be the best pizza place where you are from, may not be seen the same by someone else or by everyone from where you are from.

We consider this to be like god-modding. It can be unfair, and it doesn't allow others to come in and do similar things that they may find just as powerful of an interest in as you do. We want the group to grow as much as possible.

**The same goes for characters who want to be the most beautiful. 'Being the best' at anything is subjective to other writer's characters.
Quote from: I want to be a mercenary and kill a whole bunch of people. That okay?
You can totally be a mercenary in Tam'nyer-a', but you should know that mercenaries are basically just hired thugs. If you do kill people, or NPC's for example, just know that bounties and wanted posters are a thing. You aren't exempt from the law if you kill someone for money, like how hitmen aren't a legal profession in our world, and other characters who are bounty hunters or mercenaries will be able to turn you in for your bounty to the proper authorities.

Quote from: Can my character be the opposite to the average of a race personality-wise?
Absolutely! Just like us, we have individual thoughts and opinions. Anyone is capable of being good and/or bad. However, we do reserve the right to deny applications for personality opposites if we feel that the character base within the group is 'losing balance'.

**At this time we are no longer accepting Ṅkhya'jra who qualify as Betrayer's of Design (do not believe in the Gods) or Ṅkhya'jra who could care less.

Quote from: Can my character have heterochromia?
Yes! In fact, we are accepting of a lot of biological variances to make your character more physically distinct in order to give you more freedom. These things can be found on the Health & Medicine page of the Official Lore Website Just know that we don't list all, and only give a couple examples, but that doesn't mean you can't add one that isn't listed!

Quote from: How can I express my character's birthday?
At this time Tam'nyer-a' does not have month names provided, and as not every race calculates age the same way, we are currently not calculating/celebrating birthdays.  We are more than happy to just accept the information stating your characters age rather than focusing on a specific birthday.
Quote from: Cat ears and kitten purrs, do they work for Khah' or Z'sa'Za-'Baa?
The short answer: No.
The long answer: Khah' are not akin to cat-folk. Their similarities fall towards Earth foxes. However, they are not akin to Kitsune either. They descend from a feline-like race, but they do not purr or play with objects delicately dangling objects. Khah' are not feline in nature.

The Z'sa'Za-'Baa have feline-like qualities in their furr and tails, but they do not generally purr in any form. There are times when a Z'sa'Za-'Baa can be heard growling, but this is something that even humans can very easily mimic.

Please do not attribute either of these races as neko, feline, or kittens of any nature.

Quote from: I noticed that tattoos are a thing! What kind of tattoos can my character have?
What kind of tattoos depends highly upon race. The Khah' have their traditional and spiritual facial tattoos, which no other race should have. The Ṅkhya'jra have God Sigil tattoos, and this is thanks to their racial dogma of fanatically worshiping the Gods and pursuing the artifacts.

The Z'sa'Za-'Baa are the only race to have what could be classified as non-spiritual tattoos, which usually are comprised of lines and dots. However, the Z'sa'Za-'Baa do not tend to practice this outside of their homeland of T-'a'Tas'mur since they are understanding that tattoos in general are more of a religious practice. This means that the Z'sa'Za-'Baa who may know how to tattoo who live in places such as Puertagoe will more than likely not tattoo anyone there. If you want your character to have meaningless tattoos, you will have to fit in a trip to T-'a'Tas'mur in their history. That being said, do note that the Z'sa'Za-'Baa won't just tattoo your character 'just because'. They will ask for a favor or something in return.

If your character is Human, or part Human, that their skin will not receive the tattoo as well as other races as their skin naturally callouses very easily. Humans are a race that tend to 'stay naked' till death.

However, the most important thing to know when it comes to tattoos is that tattoos are extremely painful to receive. We're talking chisel, ink and mallet, my friend, so be warned!

Quote from: Why can't we make more Giyu?
We only want there to be a limited amount of Giyu characters. We know how amazing they are to everyone, but the Giyu are nearly extinct. Their ability to repopulate is very low and their race was nearly wiped out by the war that happened with the Sk'alik. We love realism in Tam'nyer-a'. Keeping the chances low of your character coming across Giyu is for the best.

medicine, work and more

Moving on from strictly focusing on character creation, the best way to describe Tam'nyer-a' from a technological standpoint would be to describe it as our Earth's Renaissance; from early to late. While Tam'nyer-a' can grow in technology, thanks to its solar system and its location therein, there are too many geomagnetic storms for electricity to ever be a possibility.

Still on the topic of the solar system and its effects upon Tam'nyer-a' is climate. Now this can be important as we do try to keep up with the seasonal changes (albeit much more condensed as 1 Tam'nyer-a''n year is equal to 30 of ours), but it is there more so to add a little something to your role-plays. For instance, Super Summer is the most dreaded time of year. It is extremely hot, there is a lot of lightning. The skies do pretty up with more colours in the aurora borealis'. However, this also means that there are more solar flares, (as Super Summer denotes Tam'nyer-a' being in between both of its suns). Ultimately, Human characters should be plagued by feeling particularly weaker during this season, with some nausea as well. This is due to cosmic radiation, but the people of Tam'nyer-a'' are not aware of these sorts of things.

In terms of hygiene on Tam'nyer-a', major cities tend to have public baths, but soap is regarded as a luxury. To be clear, one can still soak and cause dead skin to slough off. Medicinally, if your character suffers mutilation, e.g., amputation, it is key to understand that there is no concept of disability as we have now. No one is viewed as incapable, as everyone still have their usefulness. Amputees help science and medicine along, and prosthesis is a major study in the world. On this note, dentures are also a thing in Tam'nyer-a', so if you do lose some teeth, don't despair!

In relation to sleep, for the majority of Tam'nyer-a''n's, sleeping multiple times a day, for instance, napping, and having smaller chunks of sleep is understood. Work days are usually cut into 7 shifts, as it were. To better explain, imagine that you have a 7 day work week (oof). Now every day of work, you also go home, eat dinner, have some off time to run errands and relax, sleep and then go back to it. Tam'nyer-a' functions the same way, however that 7 day work week routine is in one single day.

That being said in one Tam'nyer-a''n day, you are now working seven 12 hour shifts, which sounds as though you are worked like a dog, but between each shift you are also given time off equivalent to 22 hours. Can you imagine having nearly an entire full 24 hours in between every work shift? Suddenly it doesn't sound so bad. It actually sounds pretty lax, and that's exactly how it should be. This ensures that everyone has time off with their families, and time to truly get the house work done and all the errands you need to do. And if you want to go on vacation, it's not such a big deal because you may only have to book off 4 shifts of your 7 shift day in order to travel abroad like you want.

Ultimately, this translates into rather than having one large chunk of sleep to power through the day, you're expected to sleep a good ten hours in between shifts and be well rested for your next one.

Some other major tidbits that you will need in your arsenal before joining Tam'nyer-a' is that most places run on a Matriarchal system, and that there really aren't 'pink jobs' and 'blue jobs'. Some distinct settings may have a gender bias, but for the most part it is a gender bias towards women. Another good example as to why taking pretenses and leaving them at the door is a good idea. The same thing goes with sexuality. What tops homosexual stigma is usually the ability to worship the Goddess Bok-T'ak, who represents Air & Sexual Dalliance, to the best of your ability. Of course, there are some races out there who do not look highly upon same-sex relationships, but they are mainly due to circumstantial reasons or because they are such a matriarchal dominant society. Tam'nyer-a' is best tackled with an open mind.

Quote from: What is the general understanding of mental illness in Tam? Do people even recognize it as a thing yet? Are the mentally ill ostracized, put in asylums, or are there attempts to treat them?
Mental illness, because it is such a huge topic, and walks a line of science (psychology), there's not really much in this area. The only true blip that comes to mind is again for the undiscovered race of the Zdjętzami, and I'll quote that here:

For the Zdjetzami there is only Bezav and the Nothingness, and it is the Nothingness that they fear. While Bezav is their constant guardian through Shadow, Life, Death and everything they may see or touch that is "Living-but-Voiceless”, (think the ocean, the wind, the ground, etc), the Nothingness is more or less the antagonist in this narrative.

The Nothingness is ultimately depression; boredom, a lack of motivation, emotionally weighed down. That's because it is "the death of oneself whilst living". It is believed to be caused by evil spirits, small but by the millions. Think spiritual microbes clinging to the flesh causing one's energy and aura to mould. Once it has overtaken a person's spirit, it infects the flesh. It is for this reason why piercings are so important as they act as a shield against this infestation of the flesh."

around all of Tam'nyer-a'

Let's cover first the ideas that one might have on a base of societies and their stigmas. You can find a plethora of information here on the Superstitions page for things that are going on culturally. One of them that we want to certainly emphasize is how intensely Judgement has affected the societal structure of Puertagoe. The effect of this superstition will follow a person from childhood until their death bed, and even thereafter. It's so strongly used between each and every person that scandals are something that can ruin someone in a way so much more terrifying than they can today.

We will use an NPC as an example. Kăval Sum'ner' is the father of D'ryden Kaval Sum'ner'. Kaval was originally the head of the family, a member of the senate, and effectively a merchant king in the city. While his life was so wonderfully good, he made the mistake of having a mistress who became pregnant and bore him a new child. When the news hit the ears of the city he was stripped of his title, thrown from his home and banned from the 1st ring. His reputation has been so far tarnished that he cannot live anywhere deeper into the city than the 11th ring. No one has seen his face since the news spread like wildfire, and some even assume he left entirely. This scandal brought a person of the 1st ring from the top of the mark to the bottom of the barrel and there is no possible way for the man to ever climb up again. His life has been utterly ruined by his own actions. This can happen to anyone within the walls of the city, and those who are members of the 12 greater families are watched as the paparazzi today watch celebrities lives.

Each move a member of the 12 greater takes can either keep them sitting pretty, lift them higher in the eyes of the people, or destroy everything underneath them and have them lost to the world entirely. This is not to be taken lightly for any character living in the walls of the city, as this city can definitely make you or break you in the blink of an eye. So, when living here it's best to keep your best foot forward. Even those who live in the lower rings are kept to a societal standard of doing good and behaving quite well, but don't be mistaken in thinking that this place is gleaming with good people. There are always those who are looking to destroy others for their own satisfaction and a secret or a rumour is more valuable than money. So, when we say that reputation is everything in Puertagoe we really mean it. And you may be asking yourself "But who enforces it? Who kicked Kaval Sum'ner' out, aside from his family and kept him out?" And in the case of Puertagoe, its military is also its police force, and around the First Ring especially, they are always on guard.

Other cities around the world don't hold a reputation based factor like Puertagoe and you can live a lot more freely in those cities. Places in which one is most likely to find mercenaries, bounty hunters, ruffians, and people who simply want to live a hardy life will more likely live in B'harabu. While this city state is more so the home of pirates, thugs, and big bad guys, there are city people who simply live there for the freedom it holds as well. Think of it like living in a rough part of town. There are normal folk there, but your chances of finding someone to do something shady for you are a lot higher. Normal day to day lives of those who don't commit crimes are common and normal here too. However, be mindful of the etiquette and laws that take place in B'harabu as they're controlled by the people who have the most money. Definitely take a look in to that on the DESTINATION: B'harabu page under 'A Gist of Etiquette and Enforcement'. Just because more things are permissible here will never mean that it's a free for all with no bars held.

Other major destinations include Fawzia-Kedet, where the atmosphere and culture is much more relaxed, and an epicenter for knowledge. If philosophers, and tinkering, perhaps furthering the sciences as well, tickles your fancy, Fawzia-Kedet would be the place for you. It is also noted for its multiple architectural styles, and being the origin for some of Tam'nyer-a''s most astounding glasswork. Fawzia-Kedet is home to the largest and most prestigious library in the world as well. While it is not as big of a metropolis as  Puertagoe, it is still a melting pot of ideas and cultures with an innate hunger for understanding anything and everything.

In the south, Zapca is a hub for worshiping all things sexual, and onward, as it is the safest place to give birth as it hosts the sole midwife association in Tam'nyer-a'. But beyond the city's walls is the rest of Trotskarr, which is the agricultural hub. Despite the geographical climate being notably arid, it is one of the most prosperous for large crops. There is a freedom to the Pelvis continent (Zapca, Trotskarr) that cannot be experienced elsewhere as love in all capacities is accepted here in honour of the Goddess Bok-T'ak who represents Air & Sexual Dalliance.

Keep in mind with all these destinations that you don't need to go into the potentially long winded story of how your character got there. If you just want to state "He stepped off the boat", you're golden! We don't need a whole backstory to your role-plays, what we want is you to feel comfortable to create stories with other writers in the group. Touching on this a little more too is that you do not need to write your character's story in a linear fashion whatsoever. If you want to write an event in their past or future - go for it!. Your character's story line is up to you, and keeping all the events in check is also up to you. Keep in mind that people do like to read the threads, so people may ask you "Hey, when is this happening for so-and-so?" and to save yourself the hassle of this we suggest putting a little disclaimer at the beginning of your starter something to the effect of "This even takes places in their future".

As you can probably tell by now, there is a vast difference in culture depending upon where you are in the world. These differences are not simply culture but climate, appearance norms and etiquette, and their patron deities (if applicable). Each continent and major destination has something to offer, creating the beautiful tapestry that is Tam'nyer-a', and we encourage you to read up and becoming acquainted with it, before and after you join us as the world continues to grow. Though do keep in mind that we do not expect you to read everything or know everything. Think of the group's lore pages as an encyclopedia and reference guide at your fingertips. Even Demi doesn't remember it all and has to reference the group all the time, so if the creator of the world can't fit it all in his head, how can we ask you to? Breathe. We got you!

Quote from: What is religion like in Tam'nyer-a'?
  • To make it simple, the concepts for each individual race can be summed up the same way we see religions on Earth. There are your cultists, Buddhists, Christians, Pagans, Aztec Sacrifices, and Atheists.
  • The general rule of thumb for the majority of the Tam'nyer-a''n's response to following the Gods and Goddesses is through believing in them and using whichever God or Goddess as a guidance for their own life. It's entirely possible for them to follow one or more God or Goddess. However, we ask that you keep the following points in mind when creating a character to a specific race.
The Ṅkhya'jra are your basic cultist or fanatic cultist group. They believe that they are the only ones allowed to follow the divine nature of the Gods because they are the only ones that are close to them. They have been devastated by the death of the Gods and have every intention of bringing them back to life. This means they will kill everyone else on the planet if it means doing what they feel will bring the Gods back to them. The other races are impure and unworthy as it is, so it is better for the world as a whole to be rid of the other races as well.

The Z'sa'Za-'Baa are your Atheist groups. They don't believe that the Gods and Goddesses have ever really existed or were anything more than legends and folktales. They don't believe the Gods and Goddesses have ever given them or anyone special abilities, powers, or anything unique for that matter. They have just been stories told for so long that the rest of the world has come to believe them to be true. Spouting any religious talk in great passion in T-'a'Tas'mur will garner you a look of skepticism and you might get a couple of people chuckling at you.

The Z'sa'Za-'Baa also see the superstitions and traditions as just that; superstitions and traditions. These were told to make children behave, refrain from wandering off, or just go to bed at night. They are nothing real to follow or believe in, but you may get a couple of Z'sa'Za-'Baa who were a little traumatized and believe in these superstitions just like we do on Earth.

The Aoni are basically Buddhists with some Catholic tendencies involved as well. Their Goddess and the stories with her are the "real ones". However, it has been proven that they have been borrowing and bending the stories of the other Gods and Goddesses. The way they live is peaceful and they do not project harm or violence towards the other races. That being said, they also don't let other races into their own homeland very often. It is nearly impossible to enter the Aoni Coasts. The only race that has gained a general entrance to the Aoni Coasts are the traders of the Z'sa'Za-'Baa.

The Aoni believe that their Goddess is alive and lives through them. She is in everything they do, that they have, and in everything that they will ever need or desire. T't'ra-'kii is All and Perfect.

The Khah' are your Wicca practitioners or Pagans. While the Gods and Goddesses have understandably died and left them behind, they are still with them. They have become the earth they walk on. They are to be respected and followed just as if they were there with them still. The Khah' will protect their Artifacts and show the Gods and Goddesses they believe in them and give them the love and respect they deserve through their strength in nature and healing. They will also honour the Gods and Goddesses by co-existing in peace with their other creations. This is all inclusive of flora, fauna, and the other races.

The Humans believe in following the ways of the Gods and Goddesses while understanding that they are dead. Think of them as devout Christian's without churches. They believe the Artifacts that the Gods and Goddesses are to be protected from anyone who seeks to use them or hoard them to themselves. While they do not understand why the Gods and Goddesses have died, they do know that their deaths were not in vain. It was a sacrifice for the rest of the world to protect them and all that the world has become was given to them as a gift.  Without that sacrifice they wouldn't have all that there is the world offers.

Humans do create alters and idols to show their devotion to their specifically followed God or Goddess. There is no one set choice, and no choice made is considered wrong. It's all dependent on which Gods and/or Goddesses that family believes is best for them.

The Giyu are a little more complicated, but it's due to the majority of them responding as though they have been forsaken or betrayed by the Gods and Goddesses. They believe in their death and their previous life before, but they do not trust them any longer. Much like Humans, the Giyu once believed in them in the same fashion, but now they have grown to resent them. The Giyu feel as though they were cast aside and nearly forgotten or even received an unjust punishment when they lost the war to the Sk'alik so long ago. It is hard, nigh impossible, to find a single Giyu that won't tell you how much they have grown to hate Gods and Goddesses and how you shouldn't aimlessly believe that they're there to help you.

The Sk'alik are a very sacrificial Aztec styled religious group. They sacrifice talents, pieces of themselves physically, their own blood, and even their own lives for the sake of respecting and honouring the Gods and Goddesses death. They understand and believe in their death, but they also feel that the Gods and Goddesses impregnated the earth and sea with themselves as a sacrifice to the world. This is why the Sk'alik are adamant on creating their own sacrifices.
Quote from: Which of the Gods and Goddesses are viewed as totally dead? Which are not?
VuF, his daughter Vojsha, and the Aoni Goddess T't'ra-'kii are the only Gods and Goddesses that are viewed as still living.

  • VuF is alive because he is forever weaving the tapestry of time. Without him, time would not continue.
  • Vojsha is a "gate-keeper" so to speak. She lives on and protects the Heavens where the others lay dead.
  • T't'ra-'kii lives through her people and will always do so for them.
  • Bezav is alive and well to the Zdjętzami, and always will be as he is life & death, and his manifestations are every shadow.
All other Gods and Goddesses are seen as passed on from this world.
Quote from: Do any cultures in Tam have a concept of souls? If so, what are their ideas about souls like?
Things like souls and this are being more tackled in a racial & cultural sense than an completely religious one, so it's hard to say entirely.

The best place to start regarding belief in souls is the page of Uu'krieuvan, the God of Death, or Reincarnation. Reincarnation is a belief that is alive and well in Tam'nyer-a' This is explained well on the Khah' page, in the death and burial section. In addition to this, and of course once again thanks to their attachment to nature, there is the belief that everything is connected. Furthermore, everything has a second life in and through nature to the Khah' people. Their passed on loved ones watch over them in creatures that scurry about but also, whenever visiting a loved ones grave tapestry, they bring garlands or simple bouquets of flowers as they believe that the spirits of the dead live off of the flowers by eating/absorbing them until Uu'krievan takes them to be reincarnated That being said, because the Khah' have such an affinity for not only their lives but the lives of those around them (animals), they are probably best described as Shinto. Though Shinto also believes that everything, including inanimate objects have a spirit or soul - the Khah' do not. Perhaps in family heirlooms, but otherwise no.

The Zdjętzami are also developed in this respect, although for now this race is undiscovered. Believing that this life, their past lives and lives to come, are an experience and Tam'nyer-a' is actually a place for their souls/spirits to learn lessons through this life, this species lives quite openly to ensure that they come across as many learning curves as possible. Bezav is the god of the monotheistic religion worshiped by the Zdjętzami people. Similar in concept to Tam'nyer-a''s Uu'krievan due to the heavily focused importance of death and reincarnation to the Zdjętzami people. Furthermore, thanks to the Zdjetzami's isolation from the rest of Tam'nyer-a', no other species even knows of the existence of Bezav. I would really say that the Zdjętzami may have a concept of 'soul' closest to what one might expect.

For the Aoni, I daresay souls aren't really thing, unless you view each and every Aoni as being a fact of of their Goddess T't'ra-'kii's soul, as she lives through each and every one of them.

Do you have a question? Check what others have given us and see if they help answer your questions. If, however, you don't see the answer to your question, feel free to give Demi a shout through a PM.

Quote from: I can't find all the information you're telling me is there. Where do I find it?
Did you check the hyper links that show the drop down menus? There's a whole plethora of information on the World View, Races, Mythos and Beliefs, and Economy and Industry links. Those aren't just there to hold the drop down menus, they have lots on them too. :) Don't worry, they've gotten over looked a bunch.

If there is still information you feel is missing, please don't hesitate in asking!

Quote from: Can I have multiple threads going at the same time for one character?
Great question! The answer for this is: absolutely!
As the group grows, there are more and more awesome characters that you'll probably wanna write something with, and in Tam'nyer-a' we want to encourage you to reach out to whomever you wish. Your character's story is yours to craft. That being said, we leave your character's life timeline up to you. You can write past, present and future here to allow for a more in-depth character development, but we do caution about writing too much in to the future if you don't have a solid past lined up, as this of course can change your character's reactions. Again, though, this is entirely up to you.

If you have any questions concerning this, of course, feel free to reach out to Demi.

Quote from: Do you take suggestions for new things?
Absolutely! However, we strongly ask you to understand that just because you have suggested something doesn't mean that it will definitely be accepted. We love suggestions and we love to see people getting excited about Tam'nyer-a', but Demi has worked very hard to build this world from the ground up.

If you need something specific for your character's back story, then please don't hesitate in talking to Demi about it. His knowledge of Tam'nyer-a' is like looking at the back of his hand. He may already have something planned for what you need, or he may not even have thought about that one special little thing.

But do take into account that if what you are wanting is something to boost solely your character's story and does not serve the world in some way, it most likely will be denied, because this scenario can tie into the FAQ above.

Quote from: How long has Tam'nyer-a' been a thing?
Great question! Tam'nyer-a' is a world that evolved from a simple want of making a ship setting for role-play on July 6th, 2017. Can't wait to see where it goes from here. <3
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